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πŸ‘‹ Welcome​

We're super happy that you're interested in our game.

The Getting Started guide shows you how to install the game, set up a client library, and start playing.

If you are missing anything in the guide, let us know by opening an issue on GitHub.

Install the Game​

The recommended way to install the game is through the app, which runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows. You will get updates for the game through the app as well, making it super easy to play the bestβ„’ version of the game.

Set Up Your Program​

When designing Auto Traffic Control, we wanted to give you maximum freedom over your own code. Which means this getting started guide can only show you an example that you can copy, tweak, or ignore. Whatever you choose to do, the goal of this step is to set up a runnable program.

Below is an example for getting started with Rust.


Creating an executable program in Rust is as simple as running cargo:

cargo new my-atc-program

You can then cd into the newly created directory and run the program with:

cargo run

Download the Client Library​

The game provides an API that you can use to query the state of the game and issue commands. The API is built with gRPC, and any programming language that supports gRPC can be used to play the game.

We publish official client libraries for the following languages. Simply add the package as a dependency to your project.


Missing your preferred programming language? Open an issue on GitHub to let us know. Or use the Protocol Buffers to generate your own bindings.

Connect to the Server​

When you start the game, it runs a gRPC server in the background. You can connect to the server at the following address:


How you create a gRPC client depends on the programming language and library that you are using. Check out their documentation for instructions. In Rust, it might look like this:

let mut game_service = GameServiceClient::connect("http://localhost:4747").await?;

Start Playing​

Now that you have an executable program, a client library for th gRPC API, and a connection to the server, you can start playing the game by sending the StartGame request.

Have fun exploring the game!