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Events are a core concept in Auto Traffic Control. Every change in the game is streamed to players as an event. This page lists every available event type and its payload.


When two airplanes get too close together, this event is triggered. The event payload contains the ids of the two airplanes.

message AirplaneCollided {
string id1 = 1;
string id2 = 2;


The AirplaneDetected event is triggered every time that a new airplane is spawned. All available information about the new airplane is included in the Airplane message type in the event payload.

message AirplaneDetected {
Airplane airplane = 1;


When an airplane lands, the AirplaneLanded event is triggered. The event payload contains the id of the airplane.


After landing, the airplane is despawned and cannot be queried anymore.

message AirplaneLanded {
string id = 1;


The AirplaneMoved event is triggered whenever an airplane moves on the map. Since airplanes cannot stand still, this event gets send continuously for every airplane in the game.

message AirplaneMoved {
string id = 1;
Point point = 2;


When an airplane gets a new flight plan, the FlightPlanUpdated event is sent. Flight plans are usually updated by the player. But when an airplane reaches the last node in its flight plane, the game will generate a random flight plan.

message FlightPlanUpdated {
string id = 1;
repeated Node flight_plan = 2;


The LandingAborted event is sent when an airplane attempts a landing on the wrong airport. For example, a red airplane tries to land at the blue airport.

message LandingAborted {
string id = 1;


When a new game is started, the GameStarted event is triggered. The event payload contains the map that was generated for this game session.

message GameStarted {
Map map = 1;


When the game ends, e.g. because two airplanes got too close together, the GameStopped event is sent. The event payload contains the score that the player achieved.

message GameStopped {
uint32 score = 1;