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Auto Traffic Control has a few simple rules.


The game ends when two airplanes get too close to each other.

A reasonable approximation of too close is less than 32 pixels of distance between them.


You score a point for each airplane that lands on a matching airport.

Matching means that the airplane and the airport have the same tag.

Flight Plans

Flight plans are only valid if they match the following constraints. If a flight plan violates a constraint, the corresponding validation error (in parentheses) is returned by the API.

  • Every node must be within the bounds of the map (NODE_OUTSIDE_MAP)
  • The next node must be a neighbor of the current node (INVALID_STEP)
  • The next node must not be the previous node, i.e. airplanes cannot fly back and forth between two nodes (SHARP_TURN)
  • The flight plan must continue with the first node of the previous plan (INVALID_START)
  • The flight plan must not contain restricted nodes (RESTRICTED_NODE)